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Our team prides themselves on their commitment to the highest level of customer service. We provide best in class service from start to finish.

With over 20 years in private aviation experience, Safety and Security is our top priority.


We work with only the top private jet operators exceeding Federal Aviation Administration requirements, ensuring a commitment to best practices in pilot training, aircraft maintenance and safety protocols. All charter flights are operated by air carriers that are in good standing with the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) and certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). In addition, tjs requires that all of its air carriers be Wyvern, Ltd. and Aviation Research Group/US, Inc. (ARG/US) compliant. This allows for an independent set of flight safety criteria that exceeds government standards.

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we are your complete source for private jet charter  

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 We will get you to your destination with ease & comfort  

At The Jet Set, we specialize in private jet charters tailored to fit the travel needs of the discerning corporate executive or private client. Private point to point travel saves time, energy and offers efficiencies that do not exist with commercial airline travel. Make the best use of your time with access to over 10,000 airports around the world.

Privacy comes standard on all of our flights.

You travel exclusively with passengers you know and enjoy the personal privacy that allows you to discuss business or simply relax. 


  • Reserve and confirm car or limousine services

  • In-flight Food and Beverage Catering

  • Hotel & Entertainment

  • Private Security

Our commitment and experience in domestic and international travel means that you enjoy unparalleled safety, privacy and flexibility.

aircraft Options


 We understand no two jets are the same 

There are a number of factors when choosing a private jet. Before you decide on which private jet is best for your trip, you should ask yourself a few questions:


  • How many people will be on board the charter flight?

  • how far are you traveling?

  • do you want to travel without having to stop for fuel?

  • how much baggage will you and your passengers be carrying?

  • what is your budget?


Depending on these factors, you may need anything from a Helicopter or Turbo Prop aircraft to a Midsize or Heavy Jet.

Selecting the appropriate aircraft for your needs is essential. see our options below:

Heavy Jet

Heavy jets are the perfect aircraft for transcontinental flights. High ceilings allow for free, comfortable movement around the cabin. Heavy Jets also feature the convenience of a fully enclosed lavatory.

Passengers 8 - 18
Maximum Speed 500 - 560 mph
Typical Range 3200 to 7500 nautical miles

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Toll Free: 855 777-JETS


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